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At Bloom, our philosophy is centered around delivering the ultimate salon experience for every client. We offer cutting-edge hair and beauty treatments in an inspiring environment. By blending personalised customer care with expert technical skills, we cultivate strong relationships with our clients, earning their trust to consistently exceed expectations. Book a hair appointment in Cheltenham at Bloom’s and experience our quality service for yourself. 

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4 St Luke's Road Cheltenham

Situated just a 5-minute walk from the town center, Bloom Salon boasts a spacious interior, providing a cosmopolitan ambiance with a vibrant atmosphere while still maintaining an intimate touch.

Kate curated a team of professional stylists, and support staff who shared her vision of creating a relaxed yet professional salon environment. Whether you seek women’s or men’s hairdressing or beauty services, expect nothing less than exceptional care and expertise at Bloom. 

Dedication to quality and affordability ensures that everyone who walks through the doors of Bloom’s salon receives exceptional care and attention, making it a standout destination for a hair appointment in Cheltenham.


Kate Bloom, a dedicated hairstylist since leaving school, has amassed extensive experience working in prestigious salons across the globe. Her career includes training with renowned experts such as Guy Kremer, Johnny Engstrom, and Lee Stafford, significantly honing her skills and expertise.

Driven by her passion and dream, Kate aspired to create a unique hair salon that combines a personal touch with professional excellence, forging lasting client relationships. She envisioned a space where high-quality services are accessible without the prohibitive costs of premium salons.

Kate aims to provide a comprehensive and luxurious experience that leaves clients feeling truly valued and pampered. The result of her vision is a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in her salon, where clients can enjoy quality service at reasonable prices. 

Kate Bloom - hair appointment in Cheltenham