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Our dedicated team of skilled stylists are committed to delivering a high-end salon service tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that visiting a hairdresser is more than just a cut or colour; it’s a complete experience. That’s why our commitment is to exceed your expectations, providing you with the ultimate in hair care service, enriched by expert guidance, with an opulent salon environment, where we use and sell the finest hair products and  treatments.


We’re here to treat you to an exceptional experience during every visit.

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Simply follow the 3 steps to search and request an appointment. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
Email us at  if not received.


NOTE: New Colour and Beauty Technical Clients require a skin allergy test 48hrs prior. Existing clients need a test if previous Colour was over 6 months ago. Allergy test must be carried out, so please ensure that you have booked this in if required.

Please give 48hrs notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.


Late cancellations and no-shows will incur charges.


Vision Statement

At Bloom Hairdressers Cheltenham we are committed to redefining your salon experience. We prioritise your comfort, relaxation, and individuality, providing an expectational visit from start to finish. Our detailed consultations leave nothing to chance, and we’re dedicated to making you feel comfortable and confident to express your desires and wishes, with the knowledge that they will be carried out to the highest hairdressing standards. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about YOU!


We endeavour to give you, our valued client, a comfortable, relaxing and special visit, through our thorough salon consultations, we’ll ensure that nothing in is left to chance.